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Wok Tools – Some wok sets come with a spatula and ladle made from cast iron or stainless steel. These are very useful, particularly the ladle.
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Wok – It is not surprising that the wok has become a universal favorite, for it is a remarkably versatile utensil. It conducts and retains heat evenly and, because of its shape, the food always returns to the center where the heat is most intense. This makes it ideally suited for stir-frying, braising, steaming, boiling and even for deep-frying.
Clever – To Western cooks, a cleaver can seem rather intimidating. In reality, cleavers are among the most useful pieces of equipment ever invented. The blade of a heavy cleaver is powerful enough to cut through bone. The flat of the broad blade is ideal for crushing garlic or ginger; it is not as dangerous as it looks, provided you handle it with care. Learn to regard it as just another kitchen knife, and you will be rewarded with a lot of fun and very satisfactory results.
Clay Pot – This earthenware cooking utensil must have preceded the cast iron pot by thousands of years. The pots are mostly glazed on the inside only, and they can be used on top of the stove.
Mortar and Pestle – Thai cooks prefer clay mortar and pestle, which is good for making spice pastes that contain large amounts of fresh spices, onion, herbs and garlic; also Thai favorite dish “Somtam” (papaya salad) will never happen without the mortar.
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Strainer – Several types of strainer are available, but the two most useful are the perforated metal scoop or slotted spoon, and the coarse-mesh, wire skimmer, preferably with a long bamboo handle. Wire skimmers can retain strong flavors; do not use them with liquids based on fish or fish sauce.
Steamer – The traditional Thai steamer is made from bamboo and has a tight-fitting lid. Several sizes are available, and you can stack as many tires as you like over a wok of boiling water. The modern steamer is free standing and made of aluminium, but the food cooked in a metal steamer lacks the subtle fragrance that a bamboo steamer imparts.
Rice Cooker – Electric rice cookers work extremely well and are worth investing in if you cook a lot of rice. However, a good-sized, deep, heavy-based saucepan with a tight-fitting lid is just as suitable for this purpose.
Fire Pot – This is not unlike a fondue pot, in that it allows food to be cooked at the table. The design is different from that of a fondue, however, as it consists of a central funnel, which is filled with burning charcoal, surrounded by a moat in which hot stock is placed.

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